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Bunguiao started as a small community when it became a barangay of Zamboanga City
under Commonwealth Act No. 39, series of 1937.
In the 1930s, it had its first community chapel constructed which was built at the area of
Zone 4 where the present house of Mr. Arturo Pangilinan now stands. It was constructed of light
materials of wood and nipa under the able leadership of Mr. Jacinto Lovo


Barangay Bunguiao is an interior barangay located on the East Coast of Zamboanga City. It is approximately 33 kilometers away from the City Proper and 3.75 kilometers away from the national highway at Pamingitan on the boundary shared by Barangay Sangali and Bolong. It is bounded on the north by Barangay Dulian, on the east by Barangay Bolong, on the south by Barangay Sangali, and on the west by the Department of Environment and Natural Resources (DENR) protected areas of Upper Bunguiao.



Meet the team

Group of Level 2 Medical Students From Ateneo De Zamboanga University- School of Medicine

Brusett, Erwin

Dorie, Marwina

Filoteo, Isaura

Ladores, Carmela Isabel

Pereyra, Iris

Ukkoh, Fatima Fersayda

Urao, Othman Za'id 

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